The success of our organization and outreach is dependent entirely upon the financial and product support of corporation and private sponsors. The Historic Carver Theater Foundation is currently in the process of securing sponsorship to support our summer performance camp ‘Star is Born’ and The Wonderland Christmas Festival. In the forms of: cash/financial sponsors, in-kind sponsors, and promotional sponsors. In acknowledging the work and support you do within the community, we would like to ask that you consider becoming one of our 2020 Corporate Sponsors. As a sponsor you will receive press and positive media attention from your association with ‘Star is Born’ and other foundation events as a title sponsor for The Historic Carver Theater Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit.


Promotional partners will aid us in the expansion of our social reach through the visibility of public figures, and bloggers of local celebrities who have a large following. We want to spread the word across all platforms of the community. Our In-kind sponsors facilitate various components of the camp by donating products of services instead of offering cash. Providing meals to feed our stars, field trip opportunities, costuming and set design, are all means in providing for our ambassadors. Financial sponsors are most significant in facilitating our performance program. Production costs and employing quality professional educators requires a great deal of funding. In our efforts this year to double our number of student participants, we rely heavily on corporations like yours for financial support in providing the best for our Stars.


To become a sponsor please click the link below:

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